Trinity Yard was established in July of 2007 after gaining formal recognition from the state of Vermont as a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization. We serve the youth of Cape Three Points, Ghana, and the surrounding communities—rural areas where access to educational opportunities is limited. Due to the lack of government-run secondary schooling, opportunities beyond junior high school are particularly limited, and local students are often prematurely pushed off the academic track, limiting their potential for growth. We aim to bridge that gap in three ways: (1) by providing a fee-free secondary education option with a focus on English and Reading Comprehension, Math, traditional Kente Weaving, and a variety of extra-curricular activities and vocational workshops; (2) by helping our students plan for their futures through individualized career counseling and, thereafter, assisting in the placement and funding of our graduates in senior high schools, vocational institutions, and apprenticeship programs of their choice; and (3) by organizing cooperative programs between visiting student travel groups and our student body that promote cultural exchange, community service, and educational growth. Through everything we do we strive to enrich the lives of not only our students, but also those of our Ghanaian staff and volunteers and staff members from abroad who take part our program’s development.


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